Line Graph Integration with Laravel 8 Tutorial Example

Inside this article, we will see the concept of Line Chart Integration with Laravel 8. This article will be step by step graph integration.

Line chart represents the information in very graphical view which provides the complete idea about data. We will use jQuery Highcharts to add Line chart into Laravel 8 application.

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Table of Contents

Let’s get started.

By using composer

Alternatively, we can also install Laravel by Composer command create-project. If your system doesn’t has Composer Installed, Click here to Install Composer ? Here is the complete command to create a laravel project-

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog

After following these steps we can install a Laravel 8 application into system. To start the development server of Laravel –

$ php artisan serve

Create Database & Connect

To create a database, either we can create via Manual tool of PhpMyadmin or by means of a mysql command.

CREATE DATABASE laravel_app;

To connect database with application, Open .env file from application root. Search for DB_ and update your details.


Create Model & Migration

Open project into terminal and run this command to create migration file.

$ php artisan make:model Student -m

It will create two files –

  • Model — Student.php at /app/Models folder
  • Migration file — 2021_05_04_145928_create_students_table.php at /database/migrations folder.

Open Migration file and write this complete code into it.


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