Laravel 8 API Development Tutorial Step by Step

Complete API Development Guide Using Sanctum, JWT & Passport Authentication

What you’ll learn

  • Laravel 8 API Development Steps


  • Beginners knowledge of Laravel framework & its about MVC pattern

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner/Intermediate/Expert Laravel PHP Framework Learners


API development process is very important if you are working with mobile apis, web apis, etc. Inside this course you will learn api development into a great detail. These are things we have covered step by step.

  1. Basics of laravel.

Inside this whole tutorial you will cover too many things. After completing this whole course you will surely can handle api development in laravel framework. This course and it’s video by video plans will help you to build a confidence in yourself to move with api development in php framework.

This course is for every level. For beginners, it will be very perfect to enrol and learn development in very easy steps with detailed concept.

Few things you should keep in mind that is you should have some basics of laravel, mysql database and bit about MVC pattern. Rest all the things you will very clear during each sessions.

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