Jetstream Login Register Email Verification in Laravel 8

After registration sending an email to registered user is very important if we are developing a secure application. Inside this article we will see the concept of Jetstream login register email verification in laravel 8 tutorial.

Jetstream is also one of the composer package which provides authentication scaffolding in laravel either by inertia.js and by livewire. These includes Login, registration, forgot password, reset password routes.

There are few simple steps which is very easy to follow and to implement in laravel 8 application. We will see this tutorial from scratch. Email verification is laravel is very simple process to create.

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While implementing email verification in laravel main focus is to write the routes, middleware. We will do these points –

  • Create Laravel 8 application with Jetstream and Livewire scaffolding (You can use any other, no issues)
  • We will see Model & Route configuration

Let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Laravel 8 Authentication with Jetstream & Livewire

We are using here Jetstream with Livewire to create application authentication section like login and registration.

Install Jetstream

We will use composer command to install jetstream library. Open project to terminal and hit this command into it.

$ composer require laravel/jetstream

Create Auth with Livewire.

To install Livewire –

$ php artisan jetstream:install livewire

Next, we need to run command to install node js pacakges.

$ npm install && npm run dev

It will generate CSS and JS compiled files for authentication system.

Run Migration

Next, we need to run migration command to generate tables in database. Open terminal and run this artisan command.

$ php artisan migrate


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