HTML5 Video Slider Using Owl Carousel jQuery Plugin

Inside this article we will see the concept of adding HTML5 video slider using owl carousel jquery plugin. Adding Image or Video sliders in website is very interesting and also they are attractive for end users.

There are several jquery plugins available which provides the function for Text, Image, Video slider etc. Inside this tutorial we will use owl carousel jquery plugin for adding HTML5 Video slider.

Video slider simply means when we play any video from sliding video slides then slider will pause and play video. Once video will complete or user will pause by itself then slider will start automatically moving.

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Let’s get started.

Owl Carousel jQuery Plugin Files

When we work with owl carousel jquery plugin we need these CSS, JS files. You can get the github documentation of Owl Carousel from this link.




Create an Application

Create a folder with name video-slider. Create a file index.html into it.

Open index.html and write this complete code into it.

  • Inside <video onplay=”” onpause=”” onended=”” /> video tag we have attributes for play, pause and video end. We attached playSlider(), pauseSlider() functions with these.
  • We have created owl as a carousel object. $(“.video-slider-1”).owlCarousel({..});
  • window.owl used to call owl object.
  • play.owl.autoplay and stop.owl.autoplay are owl carousel properties which is for pausing a slider and playing a slider.

Note* : Inside this code snippet we have used css and js links as third party URL. You can download and set it to locally so that it will not open from anywhere.

Application Testing

Open browser and type this -

URL — http://localhost/video-slider/index.html

We hope this article helped you to learn HTML5 Video Slider Using Owl Carousel jQuery Plugin Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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Originally published at on September 7, 2021.

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