How to Generate Unique Slug in Laravel 8 Tutorial?

Inside this article we will see the concept of generate unique slug in laravel 8. It will be very easy to get the concept and implement in laravel 8 application.

We can use this same concept of slug generation with other versions of laravel as well. Inside this tutorial also we will understand how to generate unique slug in laravel using eloquent model events.

Let’s get started.

By using composer

Alternatively, we can also install Laravel by Composer command create-project. If your system doesn’t has Composer Installed, Click here to Install Composer ? Here is the complete command to create a laravel project-

After following these steps we can install a Laravel 8 application into system. To start the development server of Laravel –

This command outputs –

Starting Laravel development server:

Create Database & Connect

To create a database, either we can create via Manual tool of PhpMyadmin or by means of a mysql command.

To connect database with application, Open .env file from application root. Search for DB_ and update your details.

Create Model & Migration

Open project into terminal and run this command to create model and migration file.

Model file is one which helps application to communicate with database table and migration file creates schema of table.

This command create two different files — a Model file and a Migration file. -m is for migration file.

  • Proudct.php model file /app/Models
  • 2021_03_15_030914_create_products_table.php Migration file at /database/migrations.


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