Authentication Tutorial in CakePHP 4

CakePHP 4 is a open source framework based on PHP language. It supports MVC pattern to work. For more basics about CakePHP 4 click here to go.

Components are a module of CakePHP 4 which shares it’s logic through out each controller. Inside this article we will see a commonly know component i.e AuthComponent of CakePHP 4 — Authentication Tutorial in CakePHP 4

If composer has been installed then this command will list all available commands of composer other wise you will get error something “composer command not found“.

Click here for the article — How to Install composer in ubuntu

Assuming Composer exists at system.

Let’s create a CakePHP project at system –

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:~4.0 mycakephp

Auth Component in CakePHP 4

For every web application, authentication is a common process. Nowadays every application supports security features. Identification for a valid user, checking for robots, authentication steps to verify a human normally a common process.

In CakePHP 4, Auth Component is also a default component provided to implement all authentication processes. It’s like a plugin which we can use by creating an instance of the class.

class AuthComponent(ComponentCollection $collection, array $config = [])

$this->Auth is an object which we can use for calling auth methods.

// AppController constructor
public function initialize(): void
// load auth component

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